Automated production line is one kind of production organization form for automated machine system to realize product process. It is formed on the basis of the further development of continuous mass production. The characteristics are: the processing object is automatically driven, loading and unloading inspection from one machine to another one, , etc. The task of the workers is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line situation, they do not participate in direct production operation, all the machinery and equipment are running in a unified pace, and the production process is under highly continuous running.
     The products produced by automatic production line should have large enough output. The  design and technology should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a long time. In mass production, the automatic production line can improve labor productivity, stabilize and product quality, improve working conditions, shorting production area smaller, reducing production costs, shorten production lead time. Creating  significant economic benefits.  
      The process of automatically operating or controlling need in accordance with specified procedures or instructions without any interference. The goal is to be stable, accurate and fast. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, business, medical, service feilds. Automated production line can not only free people from heavy physical work, part of mental work , bad & dangerous working environment, but also expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance human ability to understand and transform the world.

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